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Keezi - World Famous Unknown Artist

Kees Colijn is a freelance photographer and video artist who shows with his images people in their own habitat. By making his special portraits he captures the world at just that moment that nothing particular seems to happen. But after a closer watch of his images these are just the moments that things happen. People hang-out, talk, show emotions and the viewer can make his or her own story with these images.

Kees is already for some decades making photo's all over the world. We could call them still life's in that typical Dutch style from the 17th century. Besides these still life photographs Kees is making video portraits. Walking through a town, with only a small camera, he makes reports of daily life. Again, just like in his pictures without the people posing for it. A large collection of both his photo work as well as his video reports can be found on social media and Youtube. In the last years Kees has gathered his own international audience with his work. Famous are his reports of Ho Chi Minh City and of course of his home town Amsterdam.

In 2014 Kees is moving east, by traveling from capital to capital he wants to end up as east as possible. During this trip he will make daily updates on photographs and video reports. Kees invites you to be part of his trip to the east, you can do so by visiting his channel on youtube, or buying his work by the website. If you are interested in donations you can use the donate button on this website.

Kees will shortly before he moves announce his next step on this website and on facebook. If you are interested in Kees dropping by and making one of his special reports to promote your company or town, please contact him!

Kees Colijn, photo